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Semi-permanent brows

At On Point Permanent Cosmetics, we offer all forms of semi-permanent eyebrow treatments, including Manual/ Microbladed brows, machine ombré brows, nano brows, microshading, and color correction!

Our eyebrow treatments are carefully prepared with your facial structure and eye shape taken into consideration. This is to ensure that the very best results are achieved and that you can leave with brows that wow.

Our artist Lucy has certified in close to a dozen techniques from well-known artists worldwide and is the perfect choice to help you enhance your existing beauty.


Microblading has vastly become the semi-permanent makeup of choice! This technique is done using a manual tool to create strokes in the skin that, once filled with pigment, replicate the look of natural brows hairs.

Microblading goes beyond giving you natural-looking brows. Sparse areas are filled in, and no one will be able to tell that they’re not your natural brows! You can choose whichever style or shape you want your brows to be.

If you have oily skin, you’re still a candidate for microblading. But the results might not last as long as they would on other skin types, which is where our other brow services come in.

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